Trọng Lượng Sản Phẩm: 2.49 KG
Ước Tính Vận Chuyển: $15

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Dự Kiến Hàng Về Việt Nam → 06-11-2018

Igloo Products Corporation 00043941 Quantum Cooler (18 Can)

Launched in 2014, Quantum, Igloo’s new series of hard-sided coolers, features a distinctive, modern design created with user convenience in mind. With multiple built-in value features, Quantum exceeds traditional coolers with a bright look, bold graphics, honeycomb-textured inserts, integrated pouring channels in the liner, lockable lids, and self-draining cup holders.
Lockable lid with dry storage compartment in lid to keep your stuff well hidden!
Two self-draining cup holders
Ergonomic curved backside is more comfortable to carry
Fits tall bottles and longnecks